How this Service Got Started

Hi My name is Karoun, I specialize in helping people get organized. I offer organizational services to Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Springfield and surrounding towns. Here's  a little about me:

I worked in Corporate America for a few years and in 2008 I left to pursue a couple of the many passions that I have! In that transition time I worked in photography and design and yoga, and then I dove full force into owning my own yoga studio for 8 years. I managed teachers, staff, students, taught yoga, and directed the teacher training program. Though there were always a thousand details to juggle, I discovered that I had a knack for handling detailed operations, and creating systems to make everything run more smoothly.

I think part of the reason I fell in love with organizations and systems that work is because, let's just say I grew up in a less than organized home - with three siblings and other semi-adopted siblings continuously coming in and out of the house!


I love that when things are organized and systems are in place -- I can have as much I want going on and still feel productive and effective -- and I want you to feel that too. I love to declutter rooms and entire homes, and can share a system that I follow with you that sticks. I also am a pro at organizing stacks of papers and developing a filing system that actually works, I can teach you that system too.

So fill out the form below, tell me what your needs are, and let's get started!

Organization Services are for you...

Organization Services are for you if you feel like your day keeps getting away from you and you are not checking things off of your to do list. You are constantly trying to keep up rather than getting ahead. Perhaps you would like more time for creative pursuits with your business, relationships, or family. 


What we do: 

Create systems that make your day to day life more effective and pleasurable. 

This includes

Organizing, tidying, creating and implementing new filing systems, moving furniture/objects around to make your home or office space more effective.

What we don’t do: 

Therapy, cleaning, virtual or personal assistant work.

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