Home Organization

Let us help you to get organized and declutter with our professional organization services. We know that every object you have contains energy or a memory and it is a vulnerable time -- we are here to help and support you.

What We Do


  • Sort through belongings to create a clean and bright environment
  • Maximize space using a bit of creativity
  • Help you to be at ease as we put everything in a place that feels right

Office Organization


Filing System Support

If your paper or computer filing system is not current, it is holding you back. We will update your system so that it supports your daily projects. Feel supported and ready to tackle whatever comes up in your day.   

Services we offer

  • Create a filing system that is current and supports your daily life
  • Purge and organize stacks of paper laying around your home or office
  • De-clutter and move furniture around for more ease and productivity
  • Clean-up contacts database in physical or digital form
  • Help with Christmas card organization and distributionHome & Office Organization

Technology Organization

Hardware and Software Support

Need help with dropbox, social media, organizing your digital files, or connecting your printer to wifi? We can provide tutoring services for many common software programs and we can do light technical help and software support.  


  • Organizing digital files, photographs, and videos
  • Teach you how to use dropbox, google drive, google docs. You will understand the difference, which one best suits you, and how to use them!
  • Creating a digital organization system on Dropbox or other cloud software program
  • Adding/removing software to make your digital experience faster and more pleasant
  • Help learning or navigating social media
  • Transferring files to a new computer

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