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I operate as a boutique media and design business. I have a breadth of skill sets. If you have a project that needs work in different areas such as writing, graphic design, and photography, I am the one for you. My services are an excellent solution if you are looking to work with one person on a creative project (rather than juggling multiple contractors), and you need different types of content created.  

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How do you get started?

First we have a free 15-minute phone call to ensure that we are a good fit and can make the most out of our time together.

The next step is to have a free onsite one-hour consultation. That is to agree on scope and timeline of project. Then I develop some documents based on the scope of the project, you review and we come to an agreement, and we get started on the magical journey called creating!

A little about me


Hi, my name is Karoun Charkoudian, I'm the owner of Spruced, Inc. I started out in my mid-twenties as a scientist in corporate america, and in 2008 I left to pursue a couple of my many passions. I worked in photography, graphic design, and yoga, and after two years I dove full force into starting a yoga studio which lasted for eight years. 

Over the years, I designed all of the marketing materials for the studio (and people would often ask, "Who did your marketing materials?") and ran the marketing campaigns. I also created and directed the teacher training program among many other management projects and tasks. 


When I closed my yoga studio I knew that I wanted to focus on the aspects that I enjoyed most while at the studio -  communications, media, and design.

I'm excited to help other businesses in these areas --  to make your operations smoother through better communications strategies, branding and design that is  aligned with what you stand for, or photographs that truly reflect the person you are and the business you run.

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