Here is how to get started


Is my service the right fit for you?

I operate as a boutique media and design business. I have a breadth of skill sets. If you have a project that needs work in different areas such as writing, graphic design, and photography, I am the one for you. My services are an excellent solution if you are looking to work with one person on a creative project (rather than juggling multiple contractors), and you need different types of content created.  

References provided upon request.


How do you get started?

First we have a free 15-minute phone call to ensure that we are a good fit and can make the most out of our time together.

The next step is to have a free onsite one-hour consultation. That is to agree on scope and timeline of project. Then I develop some documents based on the scope of the project, you review and we come to an agreement, and we get started on the magical journey called creating!

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